Absolutely too many products to list!

We keep in stock a substantial range of D&D, Magic the Gathering and Warhammer and other miniatures game systems.

As the range available is so exhaustive, if you have any other requirements we will order in stock for you if we do not carry it.


   Wednesday night Magic                                  Friday Night Magic (FNM) 
- Casual play every Wednesday                             -  Draft format
   at both stores.                                               Charlestown 6.30pm til late - $20  
  All levels welcome                                          Erina 6.30pm til late - $20                              
Charlestown 6.30pm til late                 Currently drafting Shadows over Innistrad
Erina 6.30pm til late                                           Eternal Masters coming soon !
- Charlestown - Casual play and soon
 tba additional events.

- Erina - Commander League and Tournaments.
  This is optional & casual play still available.
  X-Wing and Armada casual games.
    Beginners welcome.


**Check out updates etc on
Facebook Charlestown and Facebook Erina



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